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About KMH

KUTIYANA MEMON HOSPITAL was established in the year 1993 with the aim to provide quality services and compassionate care at an affordable levels. With the core objective to promote excellence in the field of health with an uncompromising attitude, KMH is equipped with modern equipments, harnessed by professionals with a proven track record. With a commitment to provide quality care, we believe that a caring and serene environment is vital and serves as a catalyst in the healing and recovery process of the patient.

The modern architecture of the building reflects a passion and commitment to this caring endeavour. The aesthetically pleasing architecture with special emphasis on the horticultural scheme allows for a soothing environment, resulting in a sensory experience that aids recovery.

The team of professionals at KMH shares the same vision and passion that led to the establishment of this facility. It is the responsibility and willingness to help mankind and provide comfort and relief that drives this team and connects us all. This team spirit is radiated through our actions and deeds, as we all believe in striving for a positive change.

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